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Nominated candidates are then typically rubber stamped by the legislature.

Finally, the Judiciary Committee might seek a resolution of the house authorizing the committee to investigate the conduct of a judge to ascertain whether formal impeachment proceedings might be appropriate.

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The question comes up now and then: how does the OIG decide what to audit?

The legislature went to work creating a new ethics office to investigate complaints against judges.

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Where do I file a lawsuit for return of property? Virginia judges may be removed in one of two ways The judicial inquiry and review commission investigates complaints of judicial misconduct or serious mental.

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Desertion does not always require one party to leave the marital home; it can be proven if one spouse completely abandons his or her marital duties to such an extent that the marriage is intolerable and impossible to continue.

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Every Circuit Court in the Commonwealth of Virginia is a court of record.

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The complaint process is confidential, with limited exceptions.

File a Complaint Commission on Judicial Conduct. It has long been regarded as normal and proper for a judge to sit in the same case upon its remand, and to sit in successive trials involving the same defendant.

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