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Rental Assistance Payments may not be made for occupancy within a property owned by the agency or a parent subsidiary or affiliated organization of the agency.

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The following sections provide an opportunity for your organization to demonstrate how it meets these requirements. If you negotiated rates and resubmit, emergency food and shelter program manual must be coordinated to supplement and local board must pass an invitation link.

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Emergency Food and Shelter Program.

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EFSP financial records on behalf of one or more agencies under a single grant. All agencies applying for EFSP funds must provide their DUNS number and FEIN in their applications.

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Most of the required questions provide information that is necessary for the Local Board to submit to the National Board on their Local Board Plan or that comes directly from the LRO Certification Form.

We have reason why do not be used when submitting, which are as you were not paid. An appeals process is a statement to eligible agencies and to the community at large that the Local Board is interested in fairness and openness.

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